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Smart Safety for Industry 4.0 Application

We are going to wokring on this special training program with best team MindPower Development Academy. Thank you for invitation.

In early 2023 Hong Kong Government has introduced Smart Safety to public works projects for Contract sum over 30 millions in order to minimize the risk of accident.

This RTTP program is a 3 days professional training to develop participants using innovative way to achieve Zero accident.

- Day (1) Apply AI monitoring application on the construction Industry

- Day (2) Apply VR simulation design for Smart Safety application.

- Day (3) Develop Safety culture communication skill for Smart Safety environment.

Please note that this program is 2/3 subsidy by RTTP and Hong Kong Companies (310 chapter) only need to pay 2/3 of course fee $3,900 to develop your safety practitioners as a Smart Safety expert to eliminate the safety risk of your construction site.

For details, please refer to attached program leaflet

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