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花之音 So-Fa-Gio 852

第九屆微電影「創-作」支援計劃-音樂篇 已到了公開投票的環節了

「花之音」 希望大家得到神聖的一票。


生物都會有失衡狀態,聲頻是其中一種平衡生物的方法,古時已有音樂家以至科學家研究聲頻如何調節情緒。 花令人宜情舒泰、精神放鬆 花語代表花的聲音,花之音的由來 故事中治療師用852Hz聲頻助男主角進入精神層面覺醒並調節情緒,最後走出太太離開自己的陰霾,當中運用桔梗花比喻重新開始的意思,代表男主角重返靈性的軌道

Everything will have an unbalanced state. In ancient times, musicians and scientists have studied how sound frequency can regulate emotions and balance the state. Flowers make people calm and relax. And its language represents the sound of flowers, which the origin idea of our title “So-Fa-Gio”. In the story, therapist uses 852Hz audio frequency to help protagonist to enter his spiritual world to awaken and regulate his emotions. Finally, he walks out from the haze of his wife. And lisianthus flower represents the concept of “new start”, which inspire protagonist back to the spiritual track again and walks to future.


製作公司: Dimensions Media Company Limited 導演:韋啟良 Tomy Wai 編劇: 韋啟良 Tomy Wai 美術指導: 陳浠媛 Chan Hei Woon 剪接師: 許溢鏘 Hui Yat Cheong 歌手:鍾雨璇 O3 唱片公司:一馬娛樂音樂製作有限公司 A RUNNING HORSE ENTERTAINMENT CO., LIMITED

歌名:花之音 作曲:韋啟良 Tomy Wai 填詞:鄭丹莉 Tan Cheng 編曲:韋啟良 Tomy Wai 監製:韋啟良 Tomy Wai

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